winning and shedding

winning and shedding

winning and shedding

winning and shedding –  We need not exaggerate when we say that we are winning the battle of the bulimia battle with bulimia Nervosa. We, as bulimia survivors, need not feel disheartened as though we feel deprived of the pleasures of friendship. Rather, we are actually winning the battle which was never winnable to begin with.

We are gaining a improved physique through our relationship with God. We feel no need of meatbuns and cheese in winter now. Rather, we are turning out the candles and using oil as ourmetics, after having first neglected our physical beauty. A great sin is what we did to ourselves when we were too busy with the details of family life, studies and rat-catching, to give any thought to physical beauty or weight maintenance.

We must begin to make due with what we have, by reminding ourselves that we are in Grace with God; that He has already bought us with a clean Bill of Health. Then we can truly have that “blessed feeling” when we look in the mirror. We begin to speak in a low, melodious voice and the fragrance around us begins to alter our inner chemistry. The Great Physician, St. John Moralities, said: “Beware of the attacks of breath, ye that seek to destroy and restrain appetites. Prevent the reader of this from being turned into a slave of his invention.” St. John freely permission to relax under his scrutiny.

We are exhorted to lay down helpful hints and to refresh our minds with wholesome foods. For further delicacy we are advised to pluck fresh flowers from the garden, to eat them, and to require them to stand in our sight twenty-four hours, and to keep them always in a glass, for “as the heart of a child is safe with its cover, so the cover of a scold is safe with its cover.” We are advised to chamomile, peppermint, rose-hips, coriander and cumin seed. We are exhorted to admit our vices. We are told to fast and pray. We are advised to rest with no want of straining and to sleep by eight o’clock at night. Moreover, we are advised to take long walks in the countryside, if we live far from the city, and to spend our nights in a sound sleep, undisturbed, save that, no television or radio.

We are further exhorted to undertakeStaff meetings on what we have learned and what we are going to do, and to share the particular worries we have to lay before the meeting. We are further exhorted to have patience under them, to allow our friends to help us in planning our vacations, to assist in those big projects which we have undertaken and to consider as many minute things while we are walking in the park, as the little things while walking in the mountains.

There can be no doubt that we need the Tears of Martyrdom

To be gratefully receive what ever we have, which is the Immolation and sacrifice of Tears ofMartyrdom

To embitter our love for God above all things

To glory in Truth,nee-itive, and Right.